Fundraising Opportunities

Chocolate Fundraiser!

Need an easy way to raise funds to pay your Band Member Donation?

Our Chocolate Sales Fundraiser is a great way to do that!

Here's how it works...

Bring in $30. The Band Board will provide you with a box that includes 60 chocolate bars in different flavors that you can sell for $1 each - so each box is worth $60. Once you sell the entire box, you'll have a profit of $30 that you can put towards the Band Member Donation! And, with the other $30, you can even buy another box of chocolates and do it all over again!

In past years, we have had several students who have paid off ALL their Band Member Donations just by selling chocolate... After all, who doesn't love chocolate?!

Please remember, however, that your safety is our number one priority so only sell chocolates within a safe environment and with appropriate permissions. 

Questions about fundraising or have any great ideas on fundraising opportunities? Contact Us!